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We are a few telecoms industry executives that have:

  • some considered telecommunications industry thoughts that we would like to share through consulting and
  • some unformed thoughts that we would like to put out there for scrutiny.

Our Background:

  • we have experience in media, cable, satellite and telecommunications
  • across four continents
  • in incumbent service providers
  • and in smaller start-ups

We believe that:

  • telecommunications is about to go through the biggest change it has ever seen
  • much of the changes are being led by developing countries who have the opportunity to leapfrog G20 countries
  • capital markets and investor short termism have distracted the large players, who are being out-innovated by smaller new entrants
  • In almost every country in the world there is a David vs. Goliath battle and either could win in each country
  • innovation and product development are more important than scale for the first time since Bell beat Western Union

If you are interested in our consulting work, please go to the Contact Us

If you want to help us through some random thoughts, please go to our Blog.

What an exciting world!